Embajada de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela en Líbano

سفارة الجمهورية البوليفارية الفنزويلية في لبنان

















The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela hereby rejects the pseudo-report issued by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights regarding the situation of human rights in the country, which once deliberately falls into falsehood and contains unfounded and biased arguments, hence disseminating false assumptions on the Venezuelan reality.


In recent times, the misuse of the Office of the High Commissioner for political purposes to attack Venezuela, thus distorting the commendable purposes of such instance, has sadly become into a shameful practice. The use of fake news, published by unscrupulous media without any confirmation, and double standards regarding human rights demonstrates, once again, a biased and shameful position contrary to the sovereignty of Venezuela and the international law.      


It is reprehensible that the Office of the High Commissioner persists to openly deceive the international community regarding the violent acts committed by a sector of the Venezuelan opposition as from April of this year, by ignoring the ample, enlightening and trustworthy documentation submitted to that Office by Venezuela. This documentation evidences the accountability of opposition leaders for organizing, encouraging and funding such violent acts, which resulted in over a hundred of deaths, thousands injured and countless damages and suffering for the Venezuelan people.


What is worse is that the Office of the High Commissioner is unable to express any solidarity with the victims of this violent and criminal political strategy, because its sole purpose is to overthrow the legitimate Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.


It is ethically condemnable that the Office of the High Commissioner affirms the existence of human rights violations on a “massive scale” based on an incomplete report, not yet officially concluded, which relies on opinions collected through interviews supposedly made by a self-proclaimed “team of experts”. Furthermore, such utter humbug has been presented to the world by the Office of the High Commissioner as a conclusion of the United Nations Organization, thus compromising the good name and the reputation of this organization and its member states.  


The spurious conclusions of the self-proclaimed “UN team of experts” – endorsed by the High Commissioner – has seriously harmed the probity, impartiality, fairness, honesty and good faith that must prevail on the performance of such Office and they represent a dangerous precedent for the United Nations.


This situation has occurred few days after the successful installation of the sovereign and legitimate National Constituent Assembly in Venezuela. When the peace and quietness have returned to its streets and when the Venezuelan opposition, after the failure of its violent onslaught, has announced its return to the constitutional and electoral path when deciding to participate in the regional elections on the next December 10th.   


The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela hereby expresses its absolute rejection of said unlawful document used by the Office of the High Commissioner to impose an opinion based on a vile and biased approach. The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela shall also undertake the appropriate diplomatic efforts to denounce this new aggression against our people and country, which has come from an instance that has been intended to protect the human rights in the world with due balance and consideration.


The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela – currently engaged in a popular constituent process – reaffirms its commitment with peace, promotion of dialogue between all sectors of the country, political tolerance and full respect of human rights, which are deemed as essential conditions to solve its problems.  




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