Embajada de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela en El Líbano

سفارة الجمهورية البوليفارية الفنزويلية في لبنان












Tourist Visa (Turista)

Allows multiple entries for one year from the date of issue. The immigration Officials in Venezuela will set up the staying period. This visa does not allow the holder to engage in paid work.


·         Passport valid for 6 months after the date of return and a photocopy

·         1 photo (4x4 cm)

·         Personal Bank statement of account for the six last months

·         Letter of employment (in French or English)

·         For owners of their business, present the commercial register

·         For student, letter of enrollment from school

·         Owners of properties should present a copy of the correspondent certificate

·         For minors, a letter from legal representatives authorizing the travel certified from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants

·         Lebanese Airport Entry and Exit Certificate issued by the Lebanese Legal authorities

·         Extract of family record certified from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants

·         Extract of Judicial Record certified from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants

·         Invitation from Venezuela annexing copies of Venezuelan ID, Venezuelan passport and/or  Lebanese passport with copy of the entry visas, residences and official journal (gaceta official). 

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Countries whose citizens may travel to Venezuela without visas


The citizens of the countries listed below do not need visa to travel to Venezuela as tourists, provided that:

• They arrive in commercial flight;

• Their stay does not exceed ninety (90) days;

• The validity of their passports exceeds six (6) months from the moment of arrival to Venezuela.

All they will require is a Tourist Card, called “DEX-2”, which will be provided on board by the air carrier while air bound to Venezuela.

Alemania / Germany
Andorra / Andorra
Antigua y Barbuda
Antillas Neerlandesas / Netherlands Antilles
Belgica / Belgium
Belice/ Belize
Brasil / Brazil
Bulgaria Guatemala
Costa Rica
Dinamarca / Denmark
España / Spain
Finlandia / Finland
Francia / France
Gran Bretaña / United Kingdom
Grecia /Greece
Hong Kong
Hungría / Hungary
Irlanda / Ireland
Islandia / Iceland
Italia / Italy 
Japón / Japan
Lituania / Lithuania
Luxemburgo / Luxembourg
Mónaco / Monaco
Malasia / Malaysia
México / Mexico
Noruega / Norway
Nueva Zelandia / New Zeland
Países Bajos / The Netherlands
Polonia / Poland
República Checa / Czech Republic
Rumania / Romania
San Kitts y Nevis
San Marino
San Vicente y Las Granadinas / St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Santa Lucía / St. Lucia
Suecia / Sweden
Suiza / Switzerland
Suráfrica / South Africa
Trinidad y Tobago
Uruguay / Uruguay

Note: If the country of your nationality is not indicated in the list above, or if you do not fulfill all requirements mentioned for a “DEX-2” Card, you must apply for a Visa to enter Venezuela.



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