Embajada de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela en El Líbano

سفارة الجمهورية البوليفارية الفنزويلية في لبنان














With a population around 4 million, Caracas is the capital and more populated city in Venezuela. It is located close to the Coast (La Guaira Port), but at an altitude of 800 meters (2400 feet), which gives it an unique climate.

View of Caracas
View of Caracas
Parque Central (Central Park)
Parque Central (Central Park)
East of Caracas and the Avila
East of Caracas and the Avila

Skating ring

Golf - Caracas Country Club
Golf - Caracas Country Club
Hotel Humboldt
Hotel Humboldt

Caracas is located under the Avila, a mountain that reaches 2600 meters (7800 ft.), where the Humboldt Hotel (currently out of service, undergoing arrangements) is located, which you can reach by cable car. Definitely for tourists, it is the best activity around the city, because of the beautiful view and the nice and cool weather. If you like hiking you can also make a three to four hour excursion, and return by cable car (or walking).

Los Caobos and Parque Central

Paseo Colón - Plaza Venezuela



Caracas has several parks. The biggest one is the Avila National Park, where sport fans can climb 400 meters (1200 ft) in half an hour, and be awarded with a beautiful view of the city.

Fuente Venezuela - Parque Los Caobos
Venezuela Fountain inl Parque Los Caobos

Plaza Venezuela desde Jardin Botanico
Botanic Garden - Central university

Parque del Este y Avila
East Park 



donde esta margarita

Margarita Island is a Venezuelan island about forty miles offshore from the mainland city Barcelona / Puerto la Cruz. It is west of Trinidad/Tobago and south of Grenada, 11 degrees north of the equator. This allows the island a very consistent temperature averaging 82 degrees. Typically arid, the island is semi-desert. Margarita's mountains range to 3000 feet (1000 meters). Scenery is great and the villages are quaint with many historical sites. The eastern part of the Island is called Macanao and is virtually undeveloped save for a few villages. One of the more popular tourist stops is the La Restinga Lagoon where you can take a boat ride through the mangroves.

Golf, Scuba, PADI dive courses, snorkeling and horseback riding are available, windsurfing on the south shore is world class and the beaches all around the island are fantastic. There is also great deep sea fishing or combination fishing and snorkeling tours.

Porlamar has great nightlife including casinos. The city is a duty-free zone, which makes for great shopping especially such high tax items as liquor and cigarettes. The language of Venezuela is Spanish however many people in the tourism related businesses speak some English or German.

The best way to enjoy Isla Margarita and appreciate the culture and diversity of its people is to arrange a stay at one of the smaller independent guest houses or hotels who are represented in this site. It will be a pleasant change from the monotony of the large all-inclusive resorts.

Playa El Agua - Margarita


Playa el agua margarita

Playa El Agua


Foto:Jérôme BERNARD-ABOU/St-Etienne-France

Margarita is well known for the quality of its beaches. Being an island, it is surrounded by beaches, and there is one for every taste. You can find a beach with or without waves, large or small, crowded or not, deep or not, cold or warm, windy or not, just select what you want, and you've got it.

Mapa de Margarita

Margarita is a great place to go around. Castles, churches, nature. Everything is close and going from one place to another is usually a nice trip.

Iglesia del Valle - Margarita
Iglesia Del Valle

Castillo La Asuncion - Margarita
Castillo de la Asunción

Fortin Juan Griego - Margarita
Fortin de Juan Griego

One of Margarita's best attractions is, with no doubt, the Lagoon of La Restinga National Park. You ride in a boat through the mangroves and reach a very long beach. Do not miss there the opportunity to have fish or seafood for lunch under a hut.

It's Margarita's Far west. With very low population, but with places and isolated beaches that are worth the trip.

Margarita Montanas Peninsula Macanao
Península de Macanao

Margarita - Playa desierta
Playa desierta "La Pared"

Going from one place to another is also very nice.

Margarita - Tetas de Maria Guevara
Tetas de Maria Guevara

Margarita - Via al aeropuerto
Túnel de árboles

Margarita is an ideal place to have your vacations. Take a look at some of our suggestions.

Hotel bella vista margarita

pesca en Margarita


Nino pescando

Margarita - paseo a Caballo

In Margarita you can enjoy all water sports. There is also an 18 holes golf course, and another one is under construction. In Macanao you can even go horseback riding

Margarita - Windsurf en El Yaque

Margarita - Golf en Isla Bonita


Vendedores ambulantes
Tiendas Av. 4 de mayo



Lobster House









Margarita International Resort

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